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We believe in supporting local economies through our business as much as possible. In Haiti, we have many different produce available but getting it to market can be quite a challenge. Jojo Restaurant partners with Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation (FLGL) to develop reliable production and reliable purchase for farmers in the hills behind Port au Prince in a village called Panyol. Panyol is about a 2 hour walk from Kenscoff village itself, and our vegetable sourcing team is bringing fresh stock down on a daily basis. We are very proud to be able to have an impact on this local economy not only through our purchasing but also our feedback, training and commitment as partners to the farmers of Panyol.

At Jojo Restaurant you know our food is always fresh. 
We make most of our menu from scratch, right in our kitchen.
If you want something gluten free, vegetarian or vegan just ask us - we are happy to accomodate!

We have the BEST gluten free pasta in town. Homemade of course!

We invite you to enjoy our local fresh produce and grow this market together with us.
For more information about FLGL please visit their website (www.fondationlgl.org) or follow them on Instagram.